Stop PRISM (surveillance program). All email traffic is transferred through an SSL encrypted connection. Protect your privacy, hide your IP address and identity.

With end-to-end encryption and 2FA, your emails have never been more secure. The built-in encryption guarantees that your mailbox belongs to you: Nobody can decrypt or read your data.

We do not log your IP. All emails and SMS are encrypted. We can't report anything to foreign governments this includes the US and European Union governments.

Send anonymous Email and SMS. You can spoof the SMS sender number and many more. Click here to sign-up!

Anonymous SMS and Email

Anonymous Email & SMS Service


Here you can find current information and announcements regarding our service.

 End-to-end encryption and 2FA (01.12.2020)

 Send anonymous SMS - Spoofing ID - INTERNATIONAL HIGH QUALITY ROUTING (04.06.2020)

 Send Anonymous SMS (03.03.2020)

 Contact US (27.07.2017)

 Why we not offer a Free Email Service (09.10.2016)

 Bitcoin (04.08.2016)

 Wire Bank Transfer (04.08.2016) NEW domain name added (12.08.2014)

 Paysafecard now available (05.04.2014)

 Get 2 SMS for FREE (21.02.2014)

 Get 5 SMS for FREE (21.02.2014)

 New features activated (20.02.2014)

 New Data Base Server (03.10.2013)

 Duplicate emails (21.06.2013)

 Stop PRISM (surveillance program) (21.06.2013)

 Free Accounts disabled (20.06.2013)

 New Server (19.09.2012)

 Storage Server #3 - Motherboard changed (25.07.2012)

 Free Email Accounts available (15.01.2012)

 Get a VIP account for free ! (21.07.2011)

 NoDNS VIP plans (09.06.2011)

 New domain names (18.05.2011)

 How to can I pay anonymously in PayPal ? (03.05.2011)

 MailEncryption installed (10.01.2011)

 Mobile Login fixed (28.11.2010)

 Upgrade to VIP User (27.11.2010)

 New 2 Server (27.11.2010)

 Wish you all a very Happy Eid (17.11.2010)

 Keyring Import certificate (11.09.2010)

 VIP Account Upgrade (29.08.2010)

 Storage Limit (23.08.2010)

 New Servers are online (15.06.2010)


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